Hello everyone!!

I wanted to create this blog to hopefully help and inspire other people. As I grow up and get older, I learn from many experiences and I wish to share them with you. I will be 22 this year, I moved out with my boyfriend of a year Thursday, and everything is going so well. I am learning not to only think about myself but for two people now. I have been through a lot of situations in the past and I continue to learn. Please feel free to email me and ask questions about anything within reason and hopefully be able to post and try to help other people as well! Please enjoy!

About myself:
I grew up in Newfoundland, and am in my 3rd year of University. I am still in General Studies because it has been the hardest thing in my life to choose what I want to do. I enjoy reading manga and watching Japanese dramas/Anime. I love to make crafts, draw, play violin (I am also learning how to play trumpet), making music, I also love to organize and do research.

To contact please E-mail: homemakerslife@gmail.com


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