Christmas in August.

It is way too early to think about Christmas. The only reason that I am going Christmas shopping today is because I might not be here with my family or my boyfriends family for Christmas due to a moving out of province.

The sad part….. I can already get Christmas decorations and wrapping papers and it is not even September!

I remember when I was younger that this stuff didn’t come out til after Halloween, but now, everything is commercialized. They bring it in earlier to make more money on a Holiday that probably puts everybody in the red. I am a student so I can’t afford to spend much on gifts, so we go 50-50 on them. Well, seeing how this Christmas we will be 3 months away from our 2 year anniversary.

What do you think? Is everything being to commercialized and over used just to get your money?

Back around St. Patrick’s day, I noticed St. Paddy’s cards. This year I noticed Halloween cards.

Another time of year I think robs you of money, which is probably getting closer to the Christmas holiday in terms of promoted and in revenue is Easter. I know myself that I love the marshmallow peeps that comes out every year and I stock up on them, but this is also being overly commercialized.

When does it stop?

Are we destined to have Christmas thrown at us in August to dread our credit card statements in January? What was once the happiest time of year is now becoming one people hates cause it is becoming so expensive.

And don’t get me started on the Christmas music….. Beginning of November? Way to early!

Let me know in the poll below when you think Christmas music should be played.




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