That time of year!

Yes. I am talking about going back to school. For me it is college. I will be taking 7 courses for Business Admin through a college by distance, then I will be taking an additional course by distance through a University for a total of 8 courses! Going to be one busy semester for sure!

I have been meaning to publish videos for a while now, I just don’t have the confidence right now to be able to. I am hoping that a start of a new school year will be the time where I could start doing that. Be able to do something in my spare time (the little that I will have) and do something that I would enjoy. I want to be able to post a range of topics for my viewers. Topics I would love to cover would be beauty, healthy lifestyle/recipes, fashion, DIY projects, make up tutorials, organization, and even tips on saving money or making a budget to even paying down debts. The last one I mentioned because my boyfriend just graduated with a Music Degree and I still have at least 2 years of school left for me. We ended up in a financial jam and we were able to catch it before it was too late, and now we are more aware of where our money is going and how to use it. So as I learn and grow I would want my viewers to see that and hopefully take away new information or new perspectives on different things.

Being in school is difficult. Not only do you want to do the best you can and study to get good grades, we are on a limited income. Everything would be from one student to another (no matter what your age), or even if you are not a student. There would be something for everyone!

What do you think?

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