Languages and Travelling

I am really interested in languages and to travel the world. I have been gathering tools to be able to study at home (a broke student who doesn’t have money to take private lessons or classes *sad face*) to study various languages. The top two on my list are Japanese and Russian. I have been into the Japanese language and culture about 10 plus years now. I know Hiragana and some Katakana and Kanji, but I have a long way to go. I am planning to use learning Japanese and possibly Russian while I am in school, as a stress reliever. I once took a mini 3-day course in Russian while I was in Junior High and had an interest ever since. On the list of languages I would like to learn is French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and possibly Romanian and Czech. Will I learn all these? Probably not, but only time will tell.

For places I would like to visit? I have a list!

Hong Kong
South Korea
New York
And possibly more places that I cannot think of right now.

Where would you like to go? Leave a comment!



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One Response to Languages and Travelling

  1. Winter says:

    I think I might start learning German when I get back to Canada. And at some point in my life I want to learn Mongolian, Hindi and Mandarin.
    As for places; Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Laos, Singapore, Peru and Brazil. I used to want to go to Russia, but I’m not welcome there.

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