So I was reading up on a couple studies about PMS. Is it a myth or is it real?? 

With the studies claiming that PMS is a myth, looked at the link of emotional reactions to the female cycle. Their studies showed that there was a small percentage of women who’s emotional state linked to their cycle, but the majority did not. So, if it is a myth, why did they just admit that a certain percentage of women were linked to PMS? So what they are basically saying is that majority of women in their study do not have emotional reactions to their cycle. 

Under the symptoms of PMS are physical symptoms like headaches, bloating, cramping, joint pain, etc up to a week before the cycle begins. So even if you do take out the emotional link, is their still PMS, or is PMS still a myth?

I may not be more irritable before my period begins than I am all month, but I do feel more sensitive-like getting teary at feel good moments and cry over small stuff-also I crave fries with salt and chocolate (I usually do not like salty stuff or chocolate), and have cramps and blow up like a balloon. 

Do you think PMS exists or do you believe it is a myth? 

Comment below! 

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2 Responses to PMS

  1. Winter says:

    I’m assuming the same people who did this study are the same ones who concluded that the g spot doesn’t exist and the same people who say women can’t ejaculate. *cough men cough* haha So sexist. PMS definitely does exist, and it really sucks if you have to deal with it in the middle of a depressive episode.

    • Actually the study that I read that was conducted at the University of Toronto was a female “scientist”…… and I know what it is like to have that too. Been dealing with it for years. When you have physical pain or discomfort does not help at all. I start to get cramps like a week before. They get really bad about 2 days before til about the second or third day once it starts. It is so brutal. 😦

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