Under 500 Calorie Spaghetti and Garlic Toast!


So, I picked up Slim Pasta the other day. It is very similar to Miracle Pasta. It is a plant based noodle that is low calorie and high fiber. It contains no fat, no carbs, no very low in sodium (0.7 mg per serving), and no sugar. This type of noodle has a long history and is found often in Asian countries. For each serving of the pasta, it only contains 15 calories and 5.1g of fiber! 

So this is something that I came up with tonight. I modified it so it could serve 4 people according to how much sauce I made (didn’t think I would end up with extras) so left over spaghetti and you could make healthy sloppy joes if you run out of pasta! 🙂

2 pack of Slim pasta: 55 cal
1 Small white onion: 28 cal
1/2 orange bell pepper: 18 cal
5 mushrooms: approx 20 cal
1 large tomato: 33 cal
1 Avocado: 118 cal
Approx 1 cup Hunt’s Original Tomato Sauce- 100cal
1 pkg Yves Veggie Cuisine Minced “meat”: 300 cal
1/8 cup shredded partly skim mozza cheese per serving: approx 60 cal
2 slices weight watchers whole wheat bread per serving: 80 cal
1 tbsp Philadalphia Herb and Garlic Cream cheese per serving: 45 cal

Finely chop all your ingredients. Place onion and pepper in a pan. Fry for about 5 mins, or until soft. Add the faux minced meat, mushrooms, tomato, avocado and tomato sauce. Cook until heated. Follow directions to cook Slim pasta. Basically rinse, boil for a min or 2, drain and pat dry with paper towel. Toast 2 slices bread, spread on the cream cheese (can use any flavor you like, I wanted similar to garlic bread). Place a serving of pasta on the plate, top with sauce. Enjoy! If your alone, you could even have seconds of the pasta! 🙂

Pasta, Sauce and Cheese: 228 calories
“Garlic” toast: 125 calories
TOTAL: 353 calories! 
If you don’t have the toast you could always get seconds at 456 calories! 

Nutritional Facts Spaghetti per serving (not including cheese):
Calories: 168 cal
Total fat: 4g
Sat fat: 0.6g
Poly-unsat fat: 0.8g
Mono-unsat fat: 2.3g
Choles: 0mg
Sodium: 565.2mg
Potassium: 558.8mg
Total Carbs: 17.6g
Fiber: 11g
Sugars: 6.9g
Protein: 14.3g
Vit A: 17.2%
Vit C: 87.8%
Calcium: 8.1%
Iron: 23%

Garlic Toast:
Calories: 125
Total fat: 14g
Sat: 2.5g
Trans: 0.1g
Choles: 10mg
Sodium: 10mg
Sodium: 260mg
Carbs: 17g
Fiber: 6g
Sugars: 3g
Protein: 7g
Vit A: 4%
Calcium: 12%
Iron: 10%



I topped my meal off with Liberte Organic 1% Chocolate milk! If you want to cut calories more, you could opt out of having garlic bread (or just have one), don’t add the cheese and have it with a glass of water for a filling meal! 🙂 



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