Menstruation Products Review!

I know society has long made us believe that this matter should be not talked about, shunned, that is a disgusting part of nature. But yet, there are no problems talking about doing the duty or anything else that is deemed “a gross topic”. I am talking about the famous “time of the month”.

I grew up thinking that this is a topic not to discuss, that is was a gross, revolting topic that should never be brought up. Well, it is just as natural as any other thing on this planet, so why not talk about it?

I have had mine now just before I turned 12….. so that’s 10 years now! After living with my boyfriend for almost a year, I can basically talk about everything with him now. So I told him about the product that I started using again, and I forget why I ever stopped.

It is known as the Diva cup. Mine is the Femmecup. There are many other reusable menstrual cups out there like mooncup etc. There is one called the soft cup, which is very similar to the reusable ones but they are to be thrown out after each use. There are different sizes and makes just like anything else you use for the week or I guess in some cases just a few days (LUCKY!!).

It takes time and practice to be able to use this product. I found out that the best way is to have it covering your cervix, so I always have to adjust it. You are able to wear these over night, but I find I toss and turn way to much so it is deemed useless, so I usually go to pads for overnight.

I find this is a really good product otherwise. Before using, I would keep track of how heavy your flow is. With these cups, you can keep them in for up to 12 hours (they are proven not to cause TSS), but in cases of heavy flow, I find that you need to rinse them out about every 5-6 hours instead.

They are like a little plastic cup that you fold and insert like a tampon. Believe me when you have to play with it a bit in order to get it right! It took me a couple of months to be able to get it right. So during those months, I switched back and forth between the cup and pads until I was able to use the cup with little to no problems.

The plus with this is cost reduction. I spent about 30 dollars CAD for a reusable cup that can last up to 5 years! Before then, I had to buy a pack of pads or tampons (about 10-20 dollars every 2 months) so over the 5 years I would save between 270-570 dollars within those 5 years! Amazing!! This is the first time that I did these numbers.

Say out of 270 dollars, I could buy 135 coffees, 27 take out meals, 5.4 weeks of groceries ($50 per week) or put that money into a RRSP for retirement and let it earn interest! πŸ™‚

It is very simple to take care of the cup. Before and after each period, you sanitize before using. You can boil water and boil it for 3-5 mins, or the method that I use, I have toy cleaner that doesn’t break down the rubber and sanitize it that way.

Just do your research to find the best for you, you may have to experiment with a couple different brands to get the right fit.

The problem I have with pads are that they feel plain weird. I always had an issue of feeling less that clean, that they didn’t fit right, they didn’t absorb well, until I the newer always infinity came out. I like those. They keep you dry and absorb so much! They also leave you feeling a little bit fresher, not by much, then other pads. I find that they leak a lot less too. You can also get lightly scented ones, which I enjoy near the end.

I used tampons for the longest while. I liked that fact that it absorbed inside and you felt cleaner than wearing a pad. But I hated it in other ways. Where they do absorbed inside your body, I found that a lot of times it made the vagina wall very dry. So sometimes it was painful to change, even though I used tampons for my needs that day. My fav tampon was O.B. It had less waste, they were a lot smaller and you had to insert it yourself which was great cause you could position it a lot better than ones with applicators.

I found that the cup does not make it dry (cause it doesn’t absorb), and it cuts down on odours.

It is all about preference! πŸ™‚

Also, I like the wet wipes for the gym….. use them once you are finished for a refreshing clean feeling after sweating during your workout. I usually keep these in my gym bag because sometimes I workout on my lunch break or in between jobs.

I am not getting paid for these reviews, these are just my opinions on some monthly care products that I have experimented with over the past 10 years.



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