Japanese Dramas!

I have watched a few Japanese Dramas the past week. They are really good…. but they are tear jerkers. I always end up picking the most depressing Japanese dramas there is like 1 litre of tears, which is about this girl who is diagnosed with a nerve degenerative disease and her struggles with the disease. The others that I have watched lately are:

Seigi No Mikata: Story of two sisters, in which the older one is a “demon” as to say, always ordering her sister around. It is a pretty good comedy. 

Seito Shokun!: Story of a teacher that is assigned to a class in which a incident that took place a year before the show begins shatters their trust in adults. It is a hart warming story of the teacher trying to win the trust and find out what exactly happened to the students that left them jaded.

Hanayome to Papa: Story of a girl who’s father is over protective and tries to break free of this protectiveness. Office love story, it has really great heat warming and touching scenes. It is about love, determination and moving on.

Innocent Love: Story of a girl who lost her parents to an arson. She is shunned because she is the sister of a murderer. She meets a guy who devotes his life to his love (who is in a non responsive state due to an accident), and the love story develops from their. 

I know these are vague descriptions but believe me they are great dramas if your into the Japanese Drama scene. 

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