So here it is now. 

Lately we have been getting into a lot of fights…. about money and about the situation we are in. I am in a hard financial bind right now. I was off for two months from work and is now making a lot less than what I used to. I am stressed to the max. We both are. We now have two weeks to pack up and clean the house top to bottom. Chances are we are going to move in August to a whole new city. I hardly been out of the province. He has been working a lot so it is slow going cleaning and packing. I am 21 years old, why did this happen? Why did I end up hurting my leg? It put a huge strain on my relationship, but we are still together. We have been through a lot the past 15 months (15 months yesterday), but it is a lot of pushing and pulling. How do you move on from this? How do you move on from dealing with financial and physical troubles? 



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