I have just been, I don’t know. There is really no excuse for me to be gone for so long. I have been up and down and all around. lol. I have found a job as a “Nanny”, doing light housework and making sure the kids get to their activities. 

No one could prepare you for life. Life is tough shit. It is hard, but no one could tell you that you would be 21 with a knee injury preventing you from working normal jobs while dealing with depression and supporting your boyfriend of 15 months to get his dream job out of province. Is this really what women did for their partners? How do you put your life on hold to help your partner get ahead in life. 

The situation is this: For months now we were waiting to here from this job that he really wants. They say they wanted him, then it didn’t look very good for a while and now it looks good again. The position starts in September but he won’t know if he got the job until the middle or late summer. We would have to pack up and move to a different province. Here I am, on the side lines trying to figure out school and trying to figure out everything else, my life is put on hold to better my partner. Is this usually what girls do? 

I just don’t know what to do anymore. 


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2 Responses to HIM VS HER

  1. Winter says:

    Years ago, this is what women were expected to do. Nowadays we are fortunate enough to have a choice. Personally, I don’t think anyone, regardless of sex, should be putting their life on hold for anyone. What does that get you?

    • Right now, If I move I might end up with a better job then if I attended school here. I am looking at the paralegal program. Average wage is 21 dollars an hour while high wage was about 34.

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