Oh Boy!

Good afternoon Homemakers!
It’s now been almost two weeks since I last worked. Last week I had to get a doctor’s note to go on sick leave. I also had to put my gym membership on hold. 😦 I picked up making hair buckles though…. I am planning on selling them. My mom said that she would sell them at her hair salon. I only got a couple made, but I was busy looking for jobs. I can’t do any heavy lifting, squatting, or climbing ladders, and is even pushing it standing on my feet all day. My knee has a tendency to feel like it is going to give out so it’s dangerous to heavy lift or climb anything. The brace I need to get is going to run me about $1000. Yikes! Insurance will only cover 70% so that still leaves about $300 for me to pay out….. And that is really hard when I have no income and no money….. At least I have crafts, Russian, Japanese, a Human Kinetics and Recreation Course, Violin and Piano to occupy my time. I am trying to also find work outs I can do without the use of my knee. I gained 10 pounds since I injured it cause I can’t do much. 😦

Here are the buckles!

This one is blue felt bow with white gems:

Buckle 2

This is a really cute bumble bee pattern flower with blue and white gems:

Buckle 1


And this is the scarf I am working on:



I am waiting to get a microphone from my boyfriend in order to do a video, so please bear with me! 🙂 I am hoping to have one this week. Wish me luck in finding a job!

Take care;



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