Knitting is like riding a bike!

Hello there!
I started knitting again. I am 21 years old now and I used to knit when I was in single digits. So it’s been well over 10 since I last knitted anything. I ended up with stretched ligaments and a torn meniscus from a skiing injury a month ago. I have the week off of work and waiting to see a doctor today to see if I have to go on sick leave. I ended up having to spend $165 on a brace for my knee so my mobility now is very limited. My knee is apparently really unstable at the moment and is prone to more injury. That means I will be spending a lot more time and home and more time on crafts! 🙂 I am hoping to maybe sell some of the crafts I make, for even a little bit of income. Right now, not knowing the extent of my injury, is putting me and my boyfriend in a bit of a financial situation. I hope it is not serious enough for surgery. I already have to make regular appoitments for physio. Great…. So I picked up knitting again. 🙂 I have a book on how to do some projects, which is geat. It was a starter kit from Michaels (about $20). I would also love to mold little clay statues.

Now back to knitting. It took me well over an hour to figure out how to put the first stitch on the needle. About another hour to figure how to make more. But once I figured it out, everything that I knew before came back to me from when I was a child. So now, I am making a scarf for practice and hopefully soon start into making something more challenging! Knitting is like riding a bike! 🙂

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