Personal Touch to a binder – DIY

Hello everyone!

I had made a coupon binder to organize all my coupons a while ago, and my friend loved it, so I decided to make her one as a gift. I wanted to make it a bit personalized, so here it is!



So how did I do this? It is very simple!!
I got the binder at the dollar store, it cost about 2 dollars. I picked up some pink ribbon to match the binder and I picked up purple to contrast the pink ribbon. I used my craft glue (Allen’s Original Tacky Glue; this dries over night to clear. It is amazing glue. It cost about $8 at Wal-Mart.) to glue the ribbon from under the pink pocket around to binder to the top of the pocket. I tucked it under. I used paper towel to keep the ribbon from sticking together while the glue dried. To make the curly bow, I made a bunch of little bows from curling ribbon and tied them together (in a flower shape). I curled the ends and voila! You have what looks like a gift that has been wrapped! I added gem stickers top and bottom of the cover and to hide the imperfections of trying to glue the ribbon under the pocket, I put one line of stickers just above the pocket line and another line just at the edge of the pocket.

I will be making a video of this later. This is a great way to make plain books and binders you own! I am hopefully going to up load a DIY video on how to make a criss-cross paper holder (I have no way to explain what it is), either late this week and early next week. I will also be trying to make up a schedule on what I am going to post. I am very passionate about organizing/cleaning, health/fitness, fashion/beauty, crafting etc… So I want to appeal to all classes of interest! 🙂

Have a good week! (At least what is rest of it <3)



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