Diets? Exercise?

Good morning bloggers!

I hate daylight savings time, it messes with my sleeping patterns…. How is everyone today? Like I have said 1000 times before, starting a diet today. Can anyone relate? Keep saying that they are going to start a diet and it lasts about a day or less then a week later you say your going to start again but fail the next day? That is the story of my life so far. The longest I went with sticking to it was 3 months while my boyfriend was away but ended when he came back. Today though, I am making meal plans for a week. Grocery day is tomorrow where students get 10% off of $25.00 or more at Sobey’s or Dominion. What is different about today? I have the motivation (somewhat) to start a new. I mean, spring is around the corner then after spring it is swim suit season! Everyone wants to look good for summer! I became obsessed with the show supersized vs superskinny. It is a great show and I learned a lot about what you should be eating. On average, females should be eating about 2000 calories and males about 2500 calories with regular exercise. This of course is with the right foods. Today, I am making my meal plan based on the Canada’s food guide. This is a great tool when you are trying to eat healthy. It tells you how big a portion should be and how many of those to have a day so you are neither over or under eating. I am hoping to set up a page that is free to everyone to help each other stay on track. I am no way a nutritionist, but I do have enough knowledge to be able to set realistic goals and stay healthy with the right amount of food. I want to be able to help people with their meal plans and give advice on how to go about making a meal plan. Please email if you are interested in seeing customized meal plans, or leave comments below.

I would need the following info:

Age, Height, Weight, dietary restrictions, special circumstances (illness)

What I don’t know, I will research for you guys and make sure I give out the best advice I can. I want to help people to help people by creating this community with a lot less restrictions that typical diets like weight watchers, which can be costly, and low calorie diets, because they are borderline eating disorders. I tried a 1200 calorie diet, I was always hungry, I didn’t loose all that much weight and I found out that is way too few calories for a women to eat.




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2 Responses to Diets? Exercise?

  1. Winter says:

    Love this. I’m trying to improve my eating habits, but it’s so hard here. lol So cheap to eat out but fruits are so expensive. >.<
    Remember, calorie intake all depends on weight, activity level, age, etc… Averages don't really mean anything here since there is such a huge difference from person to person.
    Keep up the good work!!

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