There is something about homemade gifts that people love. I guess where you put so much time and thought into the gift would mean so much more than how much it costs or where the item was bought at. Plus, making gifts is a lot more cheaper and with doing DIY projects for things you need, could save you money! Tonight, I made a gift for a friend. I bought a binder and ribbon and added a personal touch. It looks amazing! Once I give it to her, I will post a pic. I really can’t wait to get taxes back, I really want to pick up making crafts again. A recent project I did was a DIY jewellery board that I can hang from the wall. I paid less than 10 dollars to do the whole project and now I have a place for all my jewellery and I can see everything too!


What I did was I bought just a foam board that I covered with black fabric. I glued on 2 pieces of cork from the dollar store, bordered it with ribbon that has music notes on it and added blue bows that I made myself out of smaller sized ribbon. To be able to hang my jewellery on the cork, I used clear thumb tacks and just hung my items off of the tacks.

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3 Responses to Crafts

  1. Valerie says:

    Very cute jewelry holder!

    • Thank you! My next project is going to be a place to put my papers from the fridge. It is going to be very cute to. Stay tuned! I am most likely going to make a how to video for my channel on Youtube. I will post the link. I just started this a couple days ago so I don’t have very much yet. 🙂

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